Belgian Fashion. Winter Trends 2017

The September issue is for fashion magazines traditionally the most important issue with the styles of the season. This also applies to LifeStyleTalks, but we do things differently. With no professional models but real women. And above all spontaneous and authentic. And as many Belgian fashion as possible.

This time, Miek Sweertvaegher from Kortrijk models for LifeStyleTalks’ photo shoot. 🙂

Dit Is Belgisch. Wintertrends 2017 - LifeStyleTalks

After a career in the private sector, Miek wanted to help others by sharing her experience. So, today she coaches startups. Her motivation? ‘It is very gratifying to see people grow and transform during the course.’

For Miek, what is the hardest part about shopping? ‘I find it difficult to come up with beautiful combinations when I’m in a shop. I also find it important to be well-dressed, but at the same time I would like to wear something more unique.

Are you ready to get styled? ‘On the one hand I’m very excited, but on the other I am a little afraid. But I am open to experiment’, she says smiling (I’ve seen Miek beam with pleasure several times that day. :))

What am I going to do? I’m going to jazz her up a bit. Are you ready for some rock-‘n-roll Miek?

‘Rock and roll is about attitude and rebellion. It’s supposed to be fun and spontaneous.’ – Slash, Guns N’Roses

Look 1

Belgian Fashion. Winter Trends 2017 - LifeStyleTalksBlouse: Saint Tropez (Danish) – Colourful midiskirt: Red Juliet – Black patent shoes: Deimille (Italian)

Look 2

Dit Is Belgisch. Wintertrends 2017 - LifeStyleTalksLeather jacket: Dame Blanche – Striped blouse: French Connection (British) – Light gray pencil skirt: CKS – Black patent shoes: Deimille (Italian)

And how does Miek feel? ‘The first look, I simply find unique. The colour combinations make me radiate. I would never choose that skirt from the clothes rack. But once I wore the complete outfit and looked in the mirror, I felt myself growing! And the shoes are to die for. Gorgeous! A lovely heel and comfortable at the same time. Definitely my cup of tea! The second look is completely different. Softer colours and more familiar to me, but once again it is the whole combination that makes the outfit speak.’

Belgian Fashion. Winter Trends 2017 - LIfeStyleTalks

Afterwards, I got a heartwarming email from Miek: ‘Thinking back to the shoot, I still enjoy every single second. Not only was the clothing beautiful, but also the way you came up with surprising combinations was just fantastic! The shoot gave me a boost of self-confidence, and make me want to enjoy life. Thank you!

You’re welcome Miek!

Many thanks to Barbara, Katrien and Pam from boutique Gare de Robe in Bruges for supplying the clothing! Also a huge thank you to Stefanie from shoe boutique Stiletto in Ypres! And finally, a heartfelt thank you to Verkoopzaal Royal in Bruges for the location!

Facebook page Gare de Robe

Facebook page Stiletto Ieper                             

Verkoopzaal Royal, Leopold II-laan 43-45 

Styling & Photography: Bieke De Clercq

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