These are the five most restful activities

Being busy, busy, busy. It starts to get too much. According to a research study at Durham University 68 per cent of the respondents would like more rest. And so it appears, resting is something you do best on your own. 

According to principal investigator Dr. Felicity Callard, social scientist in the Department of Geography at Durham University, United Kingdom there is a clear relationship between individual well-being and the ability to take rest. These findings combat the cliché that someone taking rest is considered to be a lazy person.

An online survey investigated the resting habits of 18.000 persons from 134 different countries. The participants were asked to sum up the activities that they find the most restful. Reading (58%), walking in a natural environment (53%) and being on their own (52%) are the most popular occupations. Listening to music and doing nothing in particular close the list. But what is really quite intriguing to note is that the top activities are done on one’s own.

Although there is little known about the potential health benefits of rest, studies show that it goes broader than sleep. There are also physical, mental and spiritual components. The finding that 68 per cent of those surveyed would like more rest is particularly interesting. Not easy in a society where everything has to go faster. Nevertheless this figure shows how pressing the issue is becoming.

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