Photographing Flowers In Space

You don’t just take a photograph of a flower. No, not at all. Flower artist Azuma Makoto takes a way more creative approach. What about taking a photo at 30 kilometres from Mother Earth? 

Photographing Flowers In Space - LifeStyleTalks

Flowers in an ice cube or fungi covered with a thin layer of gold. But his most famous installation is without any doubt, Exobiotanica, in which Makoto sent a 50-year-old Japanese bonsai and a bouquet into space, at 30 kilometres from The Earth.

Makoto, floral designer by training specializes in a new art form, living art. ‘I create my art work in order to find out new value and potential in flowers. I like changing the shape of flowers or photographing flowers in an extreme environment.’ says Makoto. And that may be taken seriously.  Because today he is shooting flowers in the sea.

The most difficult part, however, is the race against time. Because flowers age ten years in one day (so they say). But Makoto knows a few tricks to keep the artwork in its best condition. For instance, by fixating the bouquet or by letting it wither. 

Photographing Flowers In Space - LifeStyleTalks

The flower artist also has an underground shop in Tokyo, Jardin des Fleurs where nothing is left to chance. Temperature and humidity are kept on the same level all year round. Even special LED lights are used to let the creations bloom splendidly. This year, Makoto also got to brighten up some shops of the Italian luxury house Fendi.

Photos: Courtesy Azuma Makoto – Source: CNN

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