Take A Ride On The Highest Swing Of Europe

The city of Amsterdam has got a new attraction. A giant swing 100 metres above the ground. Or the tallest swing of Europe. The reward? An unpayable view over the harbour and the city. 

Take A Ride On The Highest Swing Of Europe - LifeStyleTalks

Since the end of August, you can swing on the roof of the A’DAM Tower. Over The Edge or two giant swings situated at 100 metres above the ground give four daredevils the swing of a lifetime. Attached to a security handle you will be hanging over the edge of the watchtower. The swing is driven by a   hydraulic control system, but if it makes you feel nostalgic you can always swing along.

The A’DAM Tower is situated at the Noordoever of the IJ, across the Amsterdam Central Station. There’s the A’DAM Lookout on the top floors of the tower which gives you a 360° view over the city. But the swing is far more exciting. 


No one would dream of doing such a thing but Sander Groet saw it in a hotel in Las Vegas. The roof had a swing and a rollercoaster. Groet couldn’t resist the temptation and was so impressed that he decided to do a similar thing in Amsterdam.

Does it sound like music to your ears? Swinging over the edge of the A’DAM Tower with the Venice of the North at your feet? With a ticket for the A’DAM Lookout (12,50 euros) and an additional ticket of 5 euros you get to see Amsterdam from a swing. Open from 10.00 am until 22.00 pm.

Photo: A’DAM Lookout

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