Bieke & César

Bieke De Clercq

Freelance Writer & Stylist – Founder LifeStyleTalks.

Born With A Style Gene

Fashion and style have always fascinated me. Since kindergarten, really. On my very first schoolday, I went shopping. The schoolbag my mum bought me was a hideous thing. Pretty soon, I spotted a much prettier one belonging to a classmate. So, I decided to go home with his. But not without swopping first… I didn’t want to leave him empty-handed! I was so proud when I finally arrived home that day. However, for some reason, mom didn’t quite agree…

Composing outfits is like second nature to me. Just like hunting for that one piece. (The saying patience is a virtue applies here). God, I love it!

Writer’s Voice

Years later I took the ‘big decision’ to study law, despite a negative study advice, (What the hell was I thinking – lol)  And with success. It was then that I discovered that I had a flair for writing essays and papers. But to get the hang of it, I took internships at the Belgian daily newspaper De Standaard and Marie Claire Belgium.

Museum Lover

And what makes me feel happy are museums and beautiful buildings with a story. Whether it is art nouveau or baroque, I like it all.

Animal Lover

When I was little, my grandfather took me every once in a while to the farm. There was a little girl riding a huge black cow with white spots. Who do you think the little girl was? 🙂

Have fun exploring LifeStyleTalks (and Life)!

I hope you enjoy it and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Kind regards,

Bieke & César (my dearly beloved Westie who will pop up from time to time)

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