Show Me Your Office Veerle Windels, And Tell Me Who You Are

The way someone organizes and decorates his or her desk reveals who this person is. Or so they say. This time, we’ll have a look into the office of Belgium’s most reputed fashion journalist, Veerle Windels. Who is she and how does the workplace of this confident professional look like?

Veerle Windels is born in 1965. Her father is an engineer working at the university of Ghent while her mother runs her own business. It is only logical that Veerle goes to university. She chooses to study German Philology. One month before graduating, she starts working at the Daily De Morgen where she writes about the city council of her hometown Tielt. After exactly one month, she gets to join the editorial department in Ghent. On her bicycle, she races through the streets of Ghent for news coverage. Until 1988 when former editor-in-chief Paul Goossens asked her if she would be interested to go to Paris. The Belgian designer Martin Margiela was taking Paris by storm. If she wasn’t looking forward to interviewing him? Today, the Belgian journalist interviewed over a thousand fashion designers and professionals. And she is a professor at the The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. She also wrote several books, under which ‘Werken met Woorden’ (a fantastic book by the way) and ‘ACT(e)’ a monography on the Antwerp fashion designer Tim van Steenbergen.

English teacher

By the time Veerle was fifteen, she already knew she wanted to study English. With her parents, she had been on several travel expeditions to the United States. And in San Francisco, she had met a friend. Today, almost thirty years later, they still keep in touch. So, it was written in the stars she would become an English teacher. But after two weeks of teaching she stopped. It wasn’t her cup of tea. ‘I came home and I said: ‘Mom, I will never be an English teacher. I can’t cope with it, in that studio with all these teachers. And then I had the incredible luck of having a phone call of my nephew who put me through with a man. A man who was looking for someone willing to write about the local city council for the newspaper De Morgen. I said yes, and remember asking my dad the names of the council members.’ she says smiling. This is paid content. To read the full story, go to BECOME A MEMBER


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