Brand New Perfume Museum Opens In Paris

A brand new museum dedicated to perfume, called Le Grand Musée du Parfum, will open its doors  tomorrow in Paris. The museum invites visitors to smell, feel and experiment. Engaging is as important as looking.

Brand New Perfume Museum In Paris - LifeStyleTalks

A team of sixteen experts in the perfume business helped realizing the museum. 1.400 square metre dedicated to perfume, and where visitors get to smell no less than seventy different scents. On the first floor you get immersed in a mix of bergamot and vetiver, a tall perennial grass. However, the boudoir with forbidden scents like cannabis and absinthe also sounds very tempting. Or what about a bouquet of tagada strawberry, the famous Haribo candy, and Nutella for the kids? (Is there a supermarket in the neighbourhood?) 😉

Brand New Perfume Museum In Paris - LifeStyleTalks

But the best thing you can do is to start with ‘Histoires de Parfums’ or the history of modern perfume. Did you know that fragrance was used for the first time in Ancient Egypt? Back then it was called Kyphi, a preparation on the basis of a.o. myrrh, juniper berries and honey which was used as a temple offering to the Gods. But fragrance was also used for medical and of course, beauty purposes. Such as the ‘Eau de la Reine d’Hongrie’, a scent created by order of Her Majesty of Hungary and the first perfume made with alcohol. Herewith, we still haven’t gotten to the bottom of the fascinating world of perfumes.

Brand New Perfume Museum In Paris - LifeStyleTalks

Because what are the steps involved in making a perfume? Which raw materials do perfume experts use to create a new scent? And how does he manage and memorize all those different aromas? Besides that there is also the creative, intellectual process. And how do people in the rest of the world wear perfume? The answers to these questions, you will find in the Grand Musée du Parfum.

The museum is situated in the prestigious rue du Faubourg saint-Honoré. In a majestic manor house where previously the couture house of Christian Lacroix was located. An entrance ticket costs 14.50 euros.

Photos: Courtesy Le Grand Musée du Parfum – Photos by Irene de Rosen





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