Photographer And Dandy Make Unique Art Photography

There are currently two unique photo exhibitions of the artist couple Lea Lund and Erik K in Ostend, Belgium. She is a photographer and visual artist. He is a designer and graphic artist. A successful  combination, so it seems.

Two years ago, Yvon Poncelet and Kristien Terryn, driving forces behind the house of photography Exposure Value, meet Lea Lund and Erik K during the international photography festival ‘Les Rencontres d’Arles’  in France. Not much later Yvon and Kristien persuade the eccentric duo to hold an exhibition in their camera museum annex exposition space in Ostend, Belgium.

Photographer And Dandy Make Unique Art Photography - LifeStyleTalks

Yvon then also informs the cultural affairs office of the city that is very excited about the photographs of the Swiss couple. Hence, a second additional exhibition is to be seen in the New Galleries along the sea wall.

Lea Lund and Erik K meet each other by coincidence in July 2011. Their paths cross in the streets of Lausanne. Lea starts a conversation with Erik while he smokes a cigar. The conversation ends at four in the morning, and both exchange phone numbers. The next day, Lea gives dandy Erik a call asking him if she could make a portrait of him. They have been travelling the world ever since.

Photographer And Dandy Make Unique Art Photography - LifeStyleTalks

Typical of Lea Lunds style of working is the black and white photography which she graphically adjusts with paint, pencil, engraving or other techniques. The result is a combination of architecture, portrait, and fashion photography. Lund brilliantly manages to blend in model Erik in the setting. Whether it are works of art, monuments, some kind of yard or a metal bridge.

‘I have a background in drawing. I have the training to think in terms of paintings, and almost never in photography,’ so says Lund, ‘For me it is really important that each photo has something special. That’s why each photo is a world to itself.’ Apart from the light and the location, elegantly dressed Erik with hat and walking stick is also inseparably connected to the images of Lund. ‘My style I did alone. I think I’ve always had it. I think it started when I was born,’ says Erik.

Photographer And Dandy Make Unique Art Photography - LifeStyleTalks

In the New Galleries you can see photos on canvas taken in and around Ostend. Exposure Value shows other cities like Brussels, Rotterdam and Antwerp and studio work. The exhibitions run until February 18.

Ostend, Mon Amour’ in the New Galleries along the sea wall of Ostend and ‘Sedamon/Nomades’ in Exposure Value in the Jules Peurquaetstraat  82, on Saturday and Sunday from 14h00 until 17h00.



  1. Emmanuelle Ricard Anthracite Aime on Facebook: Cool ! J’adore !

  2. Danielle Korneliussen on Facebook: Oh my heavens, Bieke… What a perfectly wonderful story this was, and such a beautiful couple they are. Pure magic in every possible way! I am so happy I took the time to pay attention to your discovery of this very interesting and handsome pair.

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