Slow Living: This Couple Shows How It Can Be Done

A Dutch couple and their two quadrupeds live since late last year the life most of us dream about: a life without hectic and stressful situations. What it takes? The answer is simple. All you need is courage.

Late last year, Jeroen Bosman (33) and Hedwig Wiebes (31) from Amsterdam cut the knot. The Dutch couple sold everything they owned to go travelling with their two dogs, Tommie and Olaf. Since then, they’ve been touring across Europe.


We always dreamt of having our own swimming pool. 〰 Mission accomplished. For today anyway. 〰 #becausewevan

Een bericht gedeeld door Jeroen, Hedwig, Tommie & Olaf (@liveslowdriveslower) op

‘We both love travelling, but we never had enough time to travel as much as we wanted to. We also wanted something new, something different and challenging that would shake us wide awake’ so explains Bosman their decision. ‘And we didn’t want to pin ourselves down to living to one place anymore.’

That’s how they came up with the idea for a house on wheels. They swapped their apartment for ‘Chewie’, a 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia Joker with a pop-up tent. A solar panel on the roof allows them to generate their own electricity. According to the couple living a radically different lifestyle went surprisingly easy. Even the compact living space didn’t require major adjustments. 

And what about earning a living? Both ‘work from home’. Hedwig as a freelance journalist, Jeroen as the boss of his own creative company. ‘Now, we travel as much as we want and still earn the money to pay for it. So far we love it. We never would have thought that this nomadic life would be so valuable. We’ve already seen more sunsets in the past few months than in our whole life,’ says Bosman.


It’s a good thing days come to an end, for what other moment forces you to actually stop and count your blessings? 〰 Also, sunsets rock. 〰 #becausewevan

Een bericht gedeeld door Jeroen, Hedwig, Tommie & Olaf (@liveslowdriveslower) op

For those who cherish the same dream, Bosman has the following advice: ‘Just do it. Don’t think too much about the possible consequences because it will eventually hold you back.’ If you’re curious to know more about ‘slow living’ or how Jeroen and Hedwig do it, you can follow them on their Instagram account.

Source: the Daily Mail (the MailOnline)


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