My Hilarious View On Summer Fashion 2018

How does summer fashion 2018 look like? Or how will you and me walk in the streets this summer if it depends on the designers? A naughty overview.

So reviled nine years ago but this summer Crocs are making a fashion comeback. You know, these colourful clogs in plastic and with holes like Emmental cheese. You spotted them everywhere: from the supermarket to the swimming pool. They gave fashion experts indigestion. Well, the Scottisch designer Christopher Kane transformed the footwear into a glitzy crocodile by adding lots of bling.

I had my eye on this belt of Vivienne Westwood, a beautiful and cool boxing belt with a marijuana leaf on it. Yesterday, I had to do some quick shopping. You know how it goes. So, I quickly put on a blouse over it. I had actually just entered the shop when the shop owner smiled at me and congratulated me. ‘Congratulations on your pregnancy!’ Euh?

Details #AKSS18

Een bericht gedeeld door Vivienne Westwood (@viviennewestwood) op

I must admit, I have always dreamt of a large bosom. But unfortunately Mother Nature decided otherwise. You see, I’m perfectly in proportion: the back as well as the front are as flat as a pancake. Until I saw this bra bag of Helmut Lang. Even filling it up with all sorts of things is perfectly possible. What more could I possibly want?

The Helmut Lang seen by Shayne Oliver Bra Bag. Available now at WWW.HELMUTLANG.COM

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Halloween may be long over, but with these sunglasses from Dolce & Gabbana I will gladly frighten the hell out of an unpleasant fishwife. Matter of shutting her up for a minute.

The summer forecast doesn’t look very good, so it seems. Just letting you know, I’m playing it safe with this fluffy scarf? from Saint Laurent. I may look a lot like an ostrich without a head at dusk, but I prefer a heavenly warm nest.

Simon Porte Jacquemus is way more optimistic. By the looks of this straw hat, he expects a serious heatwave. Maybe I will even get a grant for free solar panels with this flying saucer.

Fashion is art. All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. It is by no means my intention to offend anyone. I just want to put a smile on people’s faces. Because laughing is good for one’s health.

  1. Hahahahaha i loooved every bit of your post..especially when you talk about the saucer; that was amazing..these designers are.madder and madder.haha. have a nice day dear 😙

  2. Ria Chase on Facebook: Yes, Fashion is Art! and can be hilarious 🙂 Thanks for the Smile!

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