Belgian Fashion. Winter Trends 2017

The September issue is for fashion magazines traditionally the most important one with the styles of the season. This also applies to LifeStyleTalks, but we do things differently. With no professional models but real women. And above all spontaneous and authentic. And as many Belgian fashion as possible.

Machteld Vandycke kicks off LifeStyleTalks’ fashion series.

Dit Is Belgisch. Wintertrends 2017 - LifeStyleTalksThis energetic thirtysomething just started a new chapter in her life. In Meulebeke, she recently opened My Vibes, a shop with homemade ecological granola and healthy snacks.

‘I had already read and heard a lot about granola when I made it for the very first time. The house was filled with the most wonderful aroma. And when I tasted the granola, not only the flavours emerged but also the smell came back. I just loved it! But it is also a nice product to work with. You can add as much or as little elements as you like.’

Machteld inherited this interest in organic foods from her parents. Apparently, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. 🙂 Her favourite occupation? Swimming and walking her dog Werner.

Doesn’t she feel a bit uncomfortable, not knowing what she’ll be wearing? ‘Not really, I have every confidence’, so she says. A woman with guts. And for me the signal to go for a unique but wearable style. So, I’m planning on going for colour and prints.

‘If you don’t dress like everyone else you don’t have to think like everyone else’ – Iris Apfel

Look 1

Dit Is Belgisch. Wintertrends - LifeStyleTalksVelvet Dress with floral print: Nathalie Vleeshouwer – Cardigan: Dame Blanche – Sneakers: WODEN (Danish)

Look 2

Dit Is Belgisch. Wintertrends 2017 - LifeStyleTalksColourful midiskirt: Nathalie Vleeshouwer – Blouse: Saint-Tropez (Danish) – Bronze sneakers: WODEN (Danish)

And what does Machteld think of the outfits? ‘I feel very comfortable. The dress I find unique, yet I feel good with it. The dress is also fun to wear, since it is very soft. The second look is very beautiful. And a bit playful, sweet too with the rushes.

Many thanks to Barbara, Katrien and Pam from Gare de Robe, Bruges for supplying the clothing!

Facebook page Gare de Robe

Facebook page My Vibes

Styling: Bieke De Clercq


  1. Veronika Michel on Facebook: Cela fait du bien de voir enfin des modèles qui nous ressemblent ! Bravo pour cette idée Bieke De Clercq 🙂 On sent que l’automne arrive avec ces belles tenues !

  2. Danielle Korneliussen on Facebook: Very nice to see her relaxed style. Did you style her, Bieke? I happen to own that exact pair of Woden sneakers which are also sold here in Norway. Mine are however silver. The print in the leather is so unique. Your blog is so nice to look at and to read…. It is unique and delightful.👍🏿

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